We are in a food crisis; diminishing arable land, water shortage, and expected population growth to 10 billion portend a catastrophic food security crisis by 2030. With Project Feed 1010, we are launching a sustainable food production solution that combines aquaculture and hydroponics to support year-round crop production with up to 90% less water usage than conventional agriculture!

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Curious to see what other systems are growing and harvesting? Want to know what type of crops and fish are popular in your area? Take a look at our map to explore other systems, analyze their data, and observe the trends based on temperature, pH, and more!

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Not only are our goals to help the environment and provide a more sustainable food production, we are also excited to announce that we have partnered with educators around the nation to better serve our students!

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It takes $667 to help a teacher or just $24 per student to become a citizen scientist in this environmental community science project. Your support will not only help us refine the curriculum module and app, but also provide the necessary materials, probes, and support to the teachers and students!